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Let’s imagine…

Your 16-year-old daughter is upset about some relationship, and like any good parent you begin to dig down into what’s eating her and after some probing she confesses to this “relationship” with her “pole vaulting” coach.

Not only does this whole thing put a whole new spin on the fine art of vaulting the pole–but I can guarantee that your first inclination is to call the high school and find out if there’s anything to this whole story.

And so the coach is confronted by the school adminstrative staff and an “investigation” begins to find the “truth” in these allegations.

The whole psycho-sexual dynamic of this male-teacher-as-predator versus the sweet innocent young thing  is the way this is going to play out–so the coach decides that his only out is to cap himself.


Chad Hunt’s body was found Wednesday morning in his car in Brazoria County

A day after he was reportedly placed on leave as he was being investigated, a football coach from Clear Creek High School apparently committed suicide, KHOU-TV Channel 11 reports on its website.

Chad Hunt was reportedly accused of sexually assaulting a female student. He had been with the district for five years.

KHOU reports

Chad Hunt’s body was found Wednesday morning in his car in Brazoria County. … Clear Creek ISD said Hunt was placed on administrative leave with pay Tuesday pending the outcome of the investigation.

Some students who knew Hunt couldn’t believe the turn of events.

“Just not to see him in school again is going to be hard,” said Jose Gonzalez.

Parents called the allegations against Hunt disturbing.

“It just makes you think you can’t trust anybody,” said Sandy Ledford. “You just never know what’s going on in their minds.”

Elaina Polsen, director of communications for the Clear Creek school district, told The Chronicle Hunt had been placed on administrative leave this week but she could not discuss the reason.

Polsen said the district will have counselors available for students.

Hunt was found dead in Alvin, where he lived, apparently killed by a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Brazoria County Sheriff’s Office is investigating the death. League City Police, which had just started investigating Hunt’s alleged improper relationship with a student, would not release any information about the student, her age, or how she knew Hunt, other than as a student at Clear Creek.

They said Hunt knew of the investigation.

-Lindsay Wise

Why Is No One Talking About Congresswoman Giffords’ Daughter

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, after watching the State of the Union and the news coverage of Congress Woman Giffords stepping down, I’m not understanding why nobody is talking about her teenage daughter who had an affair with a Highschool Teacher (who is now Dead from a suspicious suicide) the story was on the news down here about the teacher and his death, but it was never said that it was the congress woman’s daughter.

Anybody know anymore information on this. I want to bring it to light.- nik

Claudia Kelly and Mark Kelly on Ellen Degeneres Show talking about mom Gabby Giffords

The hero astronaut and his two daughters were here to catch Ellen up on the progress of their wife and stepmother, Gabby Giffords. The family talked about how they’ve grown closer, and how Gabby has changed their perspectives. You can buy Mark and Gabby’s inspiring book, “Gabby: A Story of Courage and Hope” right here in both hardcover and audio.


Finish the investigation on the accusations against Chad Hunt.

Greetings, League City Police Department

I just signed the following petition addressed to: League City Police Department.

Finish the investigation on the accusations against Chad Hunt.

Coach Hunt was a very important figure at Clear Creek High-school. He not only motivated many students to achieve for more but also taught students to always do the right thing.

The accusations brought against him are very bold. The devastating news has hurt many students and alumni. To smudge a man’s legacy with inconclusive evidence is unjust. We want the investigation to finish. We don’t want a sugar coated response or abstract answer. We demand the truth. The fair and unbiased truth
An official statement by the League City Police Department should include any conclusive findings as well as an official cause of death.


[Your Name]

You decide what the story is….

Coach accused of improper relationship with student found dead

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